About Us

Hi welcome to Envy Tactical!  In 2019, I had open heart surgery. I had an amazing team of doctors and family supporting me but that experience made a profound impact on me. It made me not only cherish life but it also made me want to live it to the fullest and have fun doing it every single day. It brought me back to my childhood when I played outside all day. We went bike riding, hiking, and climbed trees. We got muddy, sweaty and dirty.  My grandmother taught all of us how to fish with a pole and a bobbing cork (this was before reels) and I missed this. I also know this is great exercise and fun. I yearned to be back outdoors.  That's when I bought Envy Tactical. It was a different kind of store when I bought it  but I loved the name and I knew I could turn it into what I wanted. 

So here it is, Envy Tactical. Yes, it is an online outdoor gear and apparel store that sources great quality, USA products. But it is also a movement to get us to have more fun, get back outdoors and play like we did when we were kids. 

Envy Tactical